Clinical Excellence Network (Specific Interest Group)

A Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) was formed in 2012-13 to focus on multisensory impairment (MSI) and visual impairment (VI). The group covers the UK and Republic of Ireland and is registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT). Membership is open to all those with an interest in the communication and eating and drinking needs of children, young people and adults who have multisensory impairment (MSI) or visual impairment (VI).

Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) is the name recently adopted by the RCSLT to replace the term Specific Interest Group (SIG).

The MSI / VI CEN meets twice a year. The date and venue for the next meeting have now been agreed: the meeting will take place on Tuesday 29th April in Bristol. Details of the programme (which will include the AGM) and venue will follow.

We are very conscious of the need for evidence-based practice and evaluated our last meeting with this in mind. We asked those attending the meeting to rate each presentation in terms of its value “in developing an evidence base for your practice”. Four ratings were provided: excellent, good, satisfactory and poor. Over the meeting as a whole, 60.1% of ratings were excellent and 33.2% were good. No ratings were poor.

Click on the links below for the flyer / programme for previous meetings. (Each one opens in a new tab, as do all other links on this page.)

1. Exploratory meeting held on 23rd October 2012. MSI SIG flyer 23-October-2012.

2. Meeting held on 24th April 2013: MSI – VI SIG meeting 24 April 2013.

3. Meeting held on 21st November 2013: MSI – VI SIG meeting 21 Nov 2013.

If you are interested in joining the CEN, or receiving more information, please contact me.